Simco Windows & Bifolding doors


Doors to your home

Your home is your pride and when leaving and entering every day it's a nice feeling to be able to take pride in its appearance. Probably the most important step towards this is a good front door.

First impressions count for a lot, so what better way to create a lasting first impression for visitors to your home - as well as for yourself and your family on a daily basis - than a front door that is inviting and creates a genuine homely feel.

Residential front & rear doors

At Simco we manufacture all our residential doors to suit your needs. Whatever your personal tastes, the sheer volume of front doors for homes to choose from ensures that you should be able to find one that is perfect for your home and exceeds your expectations. The panel you request can have knocker or numbers where they can fit in, we literally offer everything. We can achieve the highest energy rating possible as your door will be coming from our very own factory direct to you. All hardware for your door will be colour matching.


  • Synseal Synerjy Profile System 70mm profile
  • PVCU galvanised steel reinforced as specification
  • Internally glazed
  • Pioneer handles in corrosion resistant finish to BS EN 1670
  • High security 7 point multi-locking system
  • Internally glazed with sculptured beading
  • Manufactured to BS7950
  • BS EN 12608 BS7412 Accreditation

    Composite doors

    A great feature of modern front doors are their ability to be both protective and beautiful - with composite front doors being the best example of this. These doors are doors that feature distinct, vibrant designs that are different from the traditional wood or PVC materials that may be used with other doors.

    There are several benefits that come with composite front doors, including, but not limited to the superior level of durability not found in regular door materials. While the door can feature a wooden external effect, the composite material delivers a door that is superior in both terms of strength and last ability.


    French doors

  • Designed to let in as much light as possible, these doors provide the perfect access to your balcony or garden, and can enhance just about any style of home. 

    French doors look attractive and can add real value to your home. They have a distinct character, and can increase the feeling of space in the home through the extra light. This is perfect for a quiet area that still needs to feel spacious. And, when it comes time to sell your property in future, the French door adds massive visual appeal to increase your sale price.

    The individual pieces of glass in the French door are known as lites, of which your new door can have many. This can let large amounts of light into the room, helping to brighten the space and keep it warm on sunny days – with the added bonus of saving you money on energy bills.

    French doors also come with the same benefits as our other styles of door. They can help to make your home warmer, as well as increasing security with state of the art technology. They are ideal for a wide number of rooms, including conservatories, living rooms, sunrooms and dining rooms.